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With the advancements in technology one can have an access to anything and everything even on the move. This enables an advertiser to reach his potential customers far easier than before. Integrating SMS in digital marketing would let you reach to people who don’t have time to access other media. It is a proven fact that an SMS has high open rate. Almost every SMS sent is opened. When a person feels the buzz signaling a text message, he always look at the message and on most occasions open and read it too.

Incorporating SMS campaign in marketing mix has numerous advantages. Benefits include: targeting a large number of customers at one go via bulk SMS services, SMSes are direct, an SMS is delivered instantly, an SMS is generally short therefore it is more concise and clear and customers can be engaged more effectively.

Thousandpixels, an expert in digital marketing, not only enables you to reach the customers but improve your business by targeting the potential customers. We have a good experience of managing result oriented SMS campaigns. We provide every service required for an effective SMS campaign. The services provided by us include: building lists, creating personalized sms, measuring campaign results over shortcode, Bulk SMS services and sending automated reply.

Our SMS service has the following features:

Excel Plug-in and web panel both are available

If a client wants to send sms through Excel sheet then the client can download our excel plugin which is a few minutes process. Otherwise web panel can be used for the purpose.

Instant Alpha Numeric Sender ID (8 Char.)

We provide eight characters Instant Alpha Numeric Sender ID with a client’s company name. This ID is used for sending all the SMSes.

Unlimited validity

We give our clients the facility of unlimited validity. It means that a client can send SMS until the number of messages get expired.

Special characters in SMS

We incorporate special characters in messages to make them more catchy and crisp.

Real time delivery report and unlimited storage of all reports

We provide the delivery reports of all messages that are sent. It let the client know the exact progress of SMS campaign. A client can store as many reports as he deemed essential.

Developer API

Our Application Programming Interfaces (API) is written to provide you the simplest way of working with our systems.

NDNC Nos. can be filtered without loss of any credits

Mobile Numbers registered at National Do Not Call are auto filtered at our sms gateway to send bulk sms from internet.

Instant Credit updates

Thousandpixels assures a client an instant credit updates. This lets a client know the exact status of the messages.

Scheduling of SMS

SMSes are scheduled as per the wish of the client. The scheduling is done strategically so that messages are delivered at the best time and making the campaign a success.